An apology to my grandchildren

It was inevitable.

I have seen it coming for a long time.

They have made it illegal for me to carry kids in the car.

That's fine by me but it won't be too popular with the grandchildren.

Of course the next step will be to ban me from smoking in the car.

They can fuck off with that one.

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An apology to my grandchildren — 8 Comments

    • Welcome Thingy!  Already sorted.  I'm getting a couple of life size dolls, and raised seats so they can clearly be seen by our illustrious Boys in Blue.

  1. welcome to control freak Ireland 2014. No doubt the brainwashed 'If it saves one live' types will be all for it.


    • It's all for the sake of the cheeeldren!

      What they don't seem to realise that they are breeding a generation of molly-coddled little brats with no immunity and no sense of danger whatsoever.

    • I have been watching events over the water and as soon as I saw the UK had set a goal I guessed we would jump in to try to be first.  They must be really pissed at Cypress!

    • So let's just kill all Arctic Squirrels?  Problem solved!

      It's a bit of a rag.  Loves sensationalist headlines.  Hates smokers.  If it wasn't free on line I wouldn't touch it in a hazard suit, but in the meantime it's often good for a laugh [such as that article].

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