The right to life

I see abortion is back in the news here.

I have my personal opinions on the rights and wrongs of abortions but I keep them to myself because I have no right to tell anyone else how to live their lives.  When it comes to the laws on abortion my stance is that the law should not be involved.  Should doctors be forced to work with a scalpel in one hand and a law book in the other?  An abortion is a medical procedure and is entirely between the mother, the father and the health professional.  Having the fear of litigation is going to force a doctor into making the wrong decisions as we have seen in the past.

The Right to Life mob have no such scruples however.  They are up in arms and have taken to Twitter –

Sad to see Leo Varadkar outdo even Enda Kenny in defending the deliberate killing of pre-birth humans. I'll never vote #FineGael again.

"Pre birth humans" for fucks sake!  And I might point out that that was sent by a male [I refuse to call him a man] who has no business passing comments.  Would he be happy to be told how to live his life?

The concept of a "right" to life is fair enough.  We all have it whatever a "right" is, but it fails to take into account that nature might have a different opinion.  In fact at some stage in the future Nature is going to remove my right to life and I shall die.  Where are the "right to life" mob then?

I see they are up in arms about euthanasia too.  So if someone is reduced to a slobbering mindless vegetable because of dementia, are they going to feed that person and change nappies?  Are they seriously going to deny that person a right that is as much a right to life – a right to die?  We call animal euthanasia "being kind" but human euthanasia is "denying the right to life".  It's all right to put an animal out of its pain and to die with dignity, but not a human?

What pisses me off about these people is that they are very quick to take to the streets with their pictures of "pre life humans", red splashed clothes and buckets purporting to carry fetuses, and pontification about the "right to life" of the unborn, but where are they post-birth?  They demand laws banning all abortions but when some woman is forced to give birth to the result of rape do they step in and adopt the baby?  Do they fund that child through childhood and adolescence?  Do they call daily to cherish the baby and the unfortunate mother?  Do they fuck!  Once the law is passed they scurry back into their smug, self-righteous holes until the next time.

One of the biggest problems with modern society is that too many people consider they have some God given right to tell us how to live our lives, whether it's smoking, drinking, eating or even giving birth.

Personally I would abort the lot of 'em.

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The right to life — 8 Comments

  1. Good article!  I often wonder what happens to the unwanted child when the deeply depressed Mother is forced to have it. Is the child loved, nurtured and cared for? Is it brought up in secure surroundings and given a decent education? You'd have to guess not given that it is not wanted in the first place. Many of these women simply cannot afford to bring a child into the world and give it the right chances to make a reasonable life. 

    In later life then, is it fair to ask if these (saved) children turn to crime? If so, do the same 'right to life voices' acream for longer sentences in our prisons.

    Worth asking, isn't it?

    • Is it right to bring up these children in an atmosphere of resentment?  How many of those kids are going to hear the "I never wanted you in the first place" line in an argument?

  2. One day, for various different reasons, everyone's right to life will end. Fortunately for our sanity we don't know when this will be.

  3. Excellent! Yeah, for those "right to lifers" the "right to life" begins at conception and ends at birth. They do not give a flying fig about the welfare of living, breathing babies. Or any living, breathing human being, as a matter of fact. 

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