I am not offended

A cartoon has been published in an Australian newspaper.

Click to embiggen

People have apparently been offended.

Aw diddums.

What do I think of the cartoon?

It's not clever, nor even mildly funny.  I have seen far better on toilet walls.

Am I offended?

Not in the slightest bit.  A cartoon cannot offend me unless I choose to be offended.  And I choose not to.

What do I make of the paper publishing the cartoon?

Absolutely 100% weapons grade, industrial strength pure indifference.  If they want to publish poor cartoons that's their business.  It doesn't affect me,

What does annoy me is that some group who apparently set themselves up as representatives of the Irish should actually complain to the newspaper. 

Why can't these whingers grow some balls?


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I am not offended — 17 Comments

  1. Kinda late on such things now the economy is growing at 4% this year and something around the same next …..Also its not even funny just a attention grabber kinda sweet daw 

    • They keep saying the economy is recovering but I haven't seen any sign of it yet.  Maybe that recovery only applies to ploiticians and bankers?

  2. Have to agree that the cartoon, of minimal artistic skill, makes no personal impact. A yawny filler in a newspaper. So Australia is anxious to recruit Irish nurses, is it? Ironically during the celtic tiger boom the Irish health authorities actively recruited Filipina nurses for Irish hospitals. Lovely sincere people the Filipinas. I hope many of them are still looking after the sick in Ireland's hospitals.

    • Its not true iv been to oz many time the aussies like us iv met many of them this imho is just a "we cant say we are worried about muslims and brown people so lets pick on the pastie white guys who are basicly us" its cowardness and boreing cowardness at that

            • yup because after all whos a bigger threat to your counrty some irish people who have the same culture as you or people who no matter where they go violence follows them 

                • I have been shown ! because one level of nut baggery violence negates the others and so we should not worry about it you are right ian thank you for enlightening me *derp* and fuck we all know cultural and religious "diversity" has never ever ever ever through out history caused many wars and pointless violence right ? so importing it for no good reason makes sense it works infact shown by all those non excisting multi cultural empires the lasted the test of time 

                  Thanks again ian your comment was insightful ! i will reprogram my bad think from now on.

  3. A trans-gendered leprechaun? Isn't that progress?

    The economic growth stuff – like the Dublin property boom – is smoke and mirrors. There is not much on the property market at the moment, so the sales of higher value properties, albeit sales at a fraction of their last price, are distorting the averages. The government is still running at a huge deficit


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