You asked for it

I would never claim to be a photographer.

I think of myself more of a messer with a camera.

I am not one of those who considers themselves naked without a camera, and I'm far more likely to forget to bring it when I'm going anywhere.  Even when I do bring it, and when I don't accidentally leave it in the car I'm not likely to use it much.  It just hangs off my shoulder and makes me feel like a knob. 

When I do actually get around to taking some snaps, I tend to try to capture a scene that will bring back memories, rather than an attempt at anything arty farty.

One of the aspects of the cottage we stayed in was the view from the house.  It was ever changing, literally from minute to minute.  During the day there was a constant stream of boats passing by …

Yacht… sometimes singly …

Yacht Race… sometimes as part of a race.

The one thing that fascinated me though was the light.  In the evening as the sun went down behind the house, the whole view would light up with the most beautiful colours.

Eveningon the Headland

Evening on the Island

One of the features I like playing about with on my camera is the telephoto lens.

Fastnet LighthouseThat's Fastnet Rock and Lighthouse.  It's around ten miles off the coast but at night is bright enough to leave spots on your eyes if you look at it.  The houses in the foreground are on an island about a mile away.

Having said all that, there are times when I just take a quick snap for the hell of it.


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You asked for it — 6 Comments

    • Thanks!

      Can you explain to me why Merkans devote an entire national holiday to celebrate a second rate science fiction film?  Just wondering………

  1. It wasn't second rate.  What with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum and that girl who played his wife.  It was a prettty good movie.  Not sure it's worth a national holiday but still a good flick.

    • It wasn't quite up there with "Close Encounters" or "2001 – A Space Odyssey" but it wasn't too bad.

      The best thing about it was the "Things I Learned From Independence Day" –

      Apple Macs can flawlessly communicate with alien technology even though they can't communicate with anything else?

      Alcoholic crop-dusting pilots can fly anything including an F18?

      Dogs can outrun supersonic fireballs?


      Herself won't allow me watch it again, unfortunately………

  2. It ranks right up there in a catagory I call, "Take your brain off the hook and enjoy it".  It's like the "Die Hard" movies.  You just gotta' take your brain off the hook and enjoy the action or improbable plot or both.


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