Inside the mind of a Professional Anti

I recorded a television programme last night.

The Consumer Show is not on my regular list of viewables but last night they were to talk about electronic cigarettes.

The programme was much as I expected.  There was the usual confusing statements about e-cigarettes producing "smoke" and referring to the devices as if they were just another type of cigarette.  There were a few of the regular objections, such as the cheeeeldren being poisoned by e-liquid which was neatly countered with the obvious reply that houses are full of stuff that is toxic and that they all have child-proof caps.

What struck me most about the programme were the two Antis.

There was Chris Luke who seemed to be more confused than anti, and makes the strange statement that e-cigarettes are dangerous as they contain the "highly addictive nicotine" while overlooking that the patches, gum and inhalers he doubtless recommends are also nicotine delivery systems.  He also quotes a mysterious "study" that showed that e-cigarettes are a "gateway" to real cigarettes, which he was lucky to get away with.

A professional anti-smoker

A professional anti-smoker

Then there was our old dear friend Luke Clancy, the man who has single handedly saved the Irish nation from itself – in other words a full time professional Anti-Smoker.

He is of course violently anti electronic cigarettes partly on the grounds that they "re-normalise" smoking, but his main objection to them seems to be that Big Tobacco are showing a financial interest in the e-cigarette business.

It strikes me as a sensible bit of diversion for the tobacco industry – as cigarette sales threaten to decline, then invest in a similar business that is flourishing.  However Clancy reckons this logic "is what they would have us think" as if there were some deep dark conspiracy where Big Tobacco is somehow going to poison the world with vapours.  This, to me is a perfect example of the pathological mindless obsession that drives the Antis.  If it has any connection with the tobacco industry then by definition it must be evil personified.  It never seems to occur to them that any business, whether it's Big Tobacco or Big Pharma is there to make profit and little else.

It's worth taking a look at the programme excerpt just to see Clancy in action.

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Inside the mind of a Professional Anti — 11 Comments

  1. They really are a shower of deceitful wankers, aren't they? They can't see beyond the ends of their ever lengthening noses, which they insist on constantly poking into our private business (when they aren't busy ramming them up politicians arses to get more restrictions made law, that is).

    I have nothing but contempt for the whole sorry bunch of self-righteous fools. Come the reckoning they will be the first to experience first-hand the realities of 'Air on a G string'. The piano wire suppliers won't be able to keep up with demand.

    • Tobacco Control has been completely blindsided by e-cigarettes.  The latter are TC's worst nightmare – they allow people to flick the finger at TC and there is damn all TC can do except come up with lame, ludicrous and painfully desperate excuses why e-cigs should be banned.  Studies are coming out which clearly show that e-cigs are NOT "gateways" to smoking and [worst of all for TC and their masters] that e-cigs are far more effective than the Pharma alternatives.   The upside of all this is that a lot of people are beginning to see TC for the unscrupulous, lying organisation that it is.

    • It was a roaring success, thanks.  In fact the roars could be heard for miles.

      She now has a new eye or a lens or something and can see properly which is great news.  Good labour is so hard to find these days.

  2. Greetings from the wilderness!

    I'm only back, and find you here picking on those who have your best interests at heart!

    (or, your betters as they might call themselves)

    it never ceases to amaze me how people give airtime to obsessive freaks, I'm guessing they like the idea of creating 'a discourse' – or just annoying sensible viewers.

    E-cigs are definitely a good thing in my opinion, and if they help people get off the 'real' thing, then they have to be good.


    puff away lads!

    • E-cigs are a great thing.  They are proven to be more effective than any of those old Pharma yokes and you would imagine that Tobacco Control would be jumping for joy.  But they are not.  Why?  It's either vested interests in Pharma or pure fanaticism.  Take your pick.

  3. The idea that "the cheeeeldren" are going to start with e cigs and then move on to more expensive cigarettes is so ludicrous as to be fraudulent. I speak as a long term ex smoker who is not interested in either e cigs or resuming smoking by the way, although I have tried an e cig which a non smoking (ever) friend had got herself. I don't have an urge to take up either. Shock, horror.

    • Even their own "studies" have shown that e-cigs aren't a gateway.  It's just one of those throwaway lines they hope will impress the sheeple.

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