Meeting the neighbours

I made the grave mistake of watching the news last night.

I gather our Prez is going to visit Her Queenship?

Fuck me but RTE are going to town on it.  The "news" was extended by a full half hour so that they could prattle on about this "historic occasion".

We had Dobson in the studio waffling on about what a wonderful event this was and how Her Queenness was holding a "reception" in her little townhouse for the Irish in advance of the visit.  We had my Sharon freezing her knickers off outside Buckingham Palace interviewing the cream of Irish society and culture.  We had footballers, rugby players, boxers, authors [they didn’t give me the opportunity of refusing an invite, I notice?] and, God help us, some fucking idiot from a boy band.  If that is the cream of Irish society then we really are well and truly around the S-bend and into the septic tank.  Royally fucked, as it were.

How much is this all going to cost?  I presume we [the tax payers] are going to have to fund an army of hangers-on and "important people" and pay for their plush transport, their lavish hotels and inordinate expenses?  It'll cost the Brits a few bob too, and I hope they appreciate the fact?  What am I going to get for my hard stolen taxes, apart from some damned irritating television coverage?

They are waffling on about how the British-Irish relations have never been better.  I have English relations and I always got on well with them so what's the big fucking deal?  I have visited the country countless times and never had any problems, though I grant you I never tried to call in on the Windsor family because, with all due respect, they mean absolutely fuck all to me.

This visit isn't to take place until the week after next, so I presume we have to put up with this gushing crap for quite a while?

It looks though as if I am going to have to avoid the newspapers and television for the next couple of weeks.

It would be bad for the blood pressure.

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Meeting the neighbours — 8 Comments

  1. GD.We have been on the wrong side of the s-bend for a long time.There is however one consolation.Shatter will be joining us in the shitter.

    • I am sick to the back tooth of Shatter in the shitter.  I would almost rather hear about Lizzy and her wee get-together.  Who gives a flying fuck about police corruption?  We all have known from the cradle that they're all corrupt so what's all the fuss about?

  2. It seems it'll be a strictly London/Bucks fizz affair. Why no official trip to Wolverhampton or Clacton-on-Sea, where the real plain people of England live? And the craic is good in Cricklewood.

    • May the people of GB be eternally grateful that they have been spared.  Mind you, I heard somewhere that he may be going to look at some cows somewhere.  Why, I don't know as we have a few of our own he could have looked at.

  3.  I forgot to mention that your Dame Enda spent St. Paddy's day over here.  A local news channel broadcast the whole affair on TV.  I watched for about 5 minutes and all I could think was, What a corrupt little weasel he is!   He reminds me of some of our career politicians.

    • That was his annual holiday which the taxpayer generously pays for each year.  He's a weasely little runt all right.  About the only thing I can say in his favour is that he is microscopically better than his predecessors – that excuse for a human, Cowen and the little cunt Ahern.  Leastwise if his plane went missing in the Indian Ocean I wouldn't turn a hair.

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