Being needled by Big Pharma

I would love to know just how much Big Pharma makes each year out of the Great Flu Scam.

Every year we see the same old crap about how we have to be vaccinated against the Flu virus.

Now I'm no microbiologist, and I don't claim to know anything about viruses and their ilk, but I have heard somewhere that the Influenza Virus is a canny little bastard.  It has a very high rate of evolution so that as soon as it encounters a vaccine, it mutates into something that vaccine won't affect.  Correct me if I'm wrong?  Add to that the fact that it takes years to develop a vaccine and you can see the problem – the batch of vaccinations being passed around are already a couple of years out of date and are more than likely useless.

i chanced across a headline today which is not only typical of the meeja but is also like a handout for Big Pharma –

Flu deaths double as high-risk groups warned to get vaccine

So deaths have doubled?  Really?  Read the small print and you will find that five people died one week where only two died the previous week.  So this minute fluctuation warrants a scary headline?  If no one died the following week would we see banner headlines proclaiming the Influenza Virus has been eradicated?  My arse, we would.

Of course this is the kind of bollox statistic so beloved of Big Pharma –  take just two figures and make a scare out of them.  It's not even a statistic, just two samples which mean absolutely zilch in the grand scheme of things.  Mind you, the pogrom against smokers and Warble Gloaming are based on similar statistical methods so I shouldn't be too surprised?

Doc has never suggested that I get vaccinated, though technically I could be classed as "high risk".  I asked him once why he never offered and he just shrugged and said that the chances were that the vaccine would do me more damage than the flu.

Incidentally, I didn't mention it before, but I have had a bit of a dose of the old bug myself over the last couple of weeks.  It was the usual shite – aches all over, blowing hot and cold, sneezing and coughing, but little that an aspirin or a healthy glass of whiskey wouldn't fix.  I didn't mention it simply because it wasn't worth mentioning.   

I wasn't vaccinated and I didn't die.  I didn't even bother taking to the bed.

Fuck you, Big Pharma.  Better luck next time.

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Being needled by Big Pharma — 12 Comments

  1. If the death toll had risen from 5 million to 10 million, the headline would have said exactly that.

    You can spot bollocks when they use terms like doubled, or speak in percentages.

    • It's the old trick of using relative rather than absolute figures.  They look good but are usually pathetic when you examine them.

  2. My mother who is 85 and in good health got the vaccine 2 years ago.She spent the entire winter sick.When asked about it now her position is "never ever again.


  3. I have become so completely inured to that sort of hyperbolic headline they don't even register anymore. It's 'the boy who cried wolf' syndrome.

    I've never had a flu jab, either. Had flu a few times though. I just hit the hot toddy and maybe aspirin, go to bed and sweat it out. When I had malaria, I didn't even have access to any hot toddy (hot toddy is not very common in the Himalayas), so it was just hot tea, and sweat it out.

    But you're right about Big Pharma – they love to play up all this bullshit about how if we don't use their expensive snake oil we're all gonna die. Immediately.

    Re the vaccines, Leg Iron is the one to ask about that – it's his field of endeavour. But what you say sounds about right.

    • I vaguely remember a Horizon programme some time ago on the subject [not that I trust them much these days].  They more or less admitted that their choice of vaccine for the next "season" was more a matter of guesswork than anything.  Very reassuring….?

  4. "Incidentally, I didn't mention it before, but I have had a bit of a dose of the old bug myself over the last couple of weeks."

    Man Flu?

    I had the jab a couple of years ago. Never again. Rather have the main event…..

  5. Every year that I get a flu shot I get a nagging little half-a-cold that lasts a month or more.  Every year I don't get a flu shot I do just fine.  I haven't gotten a flu shot in 5 years!

  6. I have been getting the flu jab for about 10 years as I am classed as high risk. Can't say it has any adverse effects but then I had not had flu for years before either so who knows.

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