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All this Interweb snooping is getting on my wick.

What I choose to do publicly on-line is my business and everyone else's.

But what I chose to do privately on-line is my business AND ONLY MY BUSINESS.  Everyone else can fuck off.

That includes the NSA, FBI, police, gubmints and it certainly includes the fucking music industry.

If I want to download files from the Interweb then that's my business.  If I want to include "illegal" files [whatever that means] then that also is my business.  When I pay my service provider it's to provide me with a service, namely to access the Interweb.  It is none of their fucking business what I do with that connection and I certainly don't give them any mandate to snoop on my activities to see whether they approve or not.

As for the music industry – they can go chew on a bomb.  They flood the Interweb with utter shite such as the likes of Justin Bieber, Jedward and Daniel O'Donnell and then they complain that people are downloading said shite?  They should fucking PAY people to listen to such tripe and even then I wouldn't be interested.

So if you are listening in, music industry then here is a message for you – your so called music is about as musical as a cat-fight in an iron foundry, and as for the films you release these days, I wouldn't bother my arse even downloading a trailer – they are dull, clichéd repetitive waste of files pace and I would honestly derive more viewing pleasure from watching a Hoodie picking his nose over in Skobieville.

And where does this snooping stop?

They want to block "illegal" downloads.  How soon will it be before they are blocking "illegal" dissatisfaction with the gubmint?  How long before they block "illegal" opposition to the EU?

Fucking wankers.

Head Rambles censored

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Stick this in your files — 8 Comments

    • KT is now my preferred P2P site since Demonoid went tits up. Lots of content and plenty of seeds. Another favourite, which is great if you like documentaries (as I do, and that's the only stuff they host) is which although you have to be a member, I don't think you need an invitation like Demonoid used to be, just a simple registration. Just about all the BBC stuff (all David Attenborough's stuff, I think), lots of Discovery, Nat Geo, History etc etc. I've got all sorts of P2P sites bookmarked – dozens of them. It's amazing how many there are out there. Some are best avoided, but others are great. As you have probably gathered, GD, I don't exactly quiver in my boots at the implied threats from the music / movie industry about downloading 'illegal content'. I've probably got about a terabyte of the stuff on my hard discs. In fact I really need to do a bit of serious clearing out, as a lot of it is garbage I've downloaded on spec to see what it's like. I'm ever the optimistic one!

      • Just thought, you may have to shorten that mvgroup URL, as I copied it from my logged-in address bar. Just omit everything after the .org

      • As I replied to Brianf – the "Irish Courts" have all the big names blocked.  Obviously the Irish Courts don't know too much about the Interwebs.  Heh!   What annoys me is the concept of sniffing all my traffic to see if I am doing something they may disapprove of.  Maybe I'll interweave a load of religious searches in amongst the heavy stuff?  On second thoughts – they'd just mark me down as a priest or something.

    • All the big names – Pirate Bay, Kickass and the like all come up with the same bland screen — "BY ORDER OF THE IRISH COURTS blah blah".  That's where I got my little image from.  I don't worry about them – very easy to get around!  😉

  1. Ah, no, Grandad, you haven't been trying to download U2 songs again. You know the doctor told you that Bono was bad for your blood pressure.

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