Hot on the heels of the septic tank fiasco, water charges are back in the headlines.

They can’t decide how they are going to mug fleece charge us.

The original idea was that there would be a flat free allowance and then people pay for any usage above the allowance.  But before the meters actually come into effect, they were just to charge everyone a flat rate.

They have now realised that that is a tad unjust, if one can talk about justice when on the subject of water charges.  That system would mean that a family of six kids with a swimming pool would pay the same as an old age pensioner living alone.

So they have decided that they are going to charge according to the size of the house.

But what constitutes the size of a house?  Floor area?  Number of bedrooms?  Number of bathrooms?  And that would mean that our pensioner who lives in a large five bedroom house still pays considerably more than the two adults and the seven kids who are crammed into a three bed semi?

Is the gubmint really that incompetent?  Are they really so fucking thick that they can’t see they are making a total bollox of everything?  If so, we are in really deep shit.

Or are they so far up the arses of the EU and the Troika that they honestly can’t see what an utter shambles they are making of the job?  If so, then equally we are in deep shit.

This country really is fucked.  I can honestly say I cannot see a future for it.

At this stage, the only thing to do is to pull up the drawbridge and prepare to repel boarders.

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Manning the barricades — 12 Comments

  1. Jesus GD but you depress the fuck out of me. I can only console myself by looking out of my office window at the beautiful sunny blue Tunisian sky with the blue of the Mediterranean in the background. And I don't pay water tax on my swimming pool!!!  

    Seriously though, my house in Wicklow has it's own well – why should I pay tax on that. Same with the septic tank – I paid to build it and I'll be fucked if I'll pay any tax on it.

    They can try to come out here and get the money from me – heh.

    • Don't worry – I depress the fuck out of me too.

      You realise that if you fail to pay, they will confiscate your well and septic tank?  They'll just turn up one day with a JCB………

      • Yeah, well don't worry too much about that GD.. I work for those fuckers and it would break before they got the shovel in the ground… Cat for working, JCB for dancing..

  2. "Is the gubmint really that incompetent?  Are they really so fucking thick that they can’t see they are making a total bollox of everything?  If so, we are in really deep shit."

    It's surprising sometimes how thick people are GD.  I reckon we have a pack of thick fuckers in charge.  You come across the same type in the corporate world as with politicians – know nothing, bullshitting, gobshites.

    • The last lot were devious, greedy and as corrupt as they come but this shower don't seem to have any redeeming features at all.  They are just plain incompetent and fucking thick.  No other words for 'em.

  3. How many old family wells still have potable water? I think when an old well becomes disused after the implementation of a group water scheme the well water can be tainted by microbes and thingies. I knew an elderly gent who used tap water for bathing and washing dishes, but made two journeys daily to an old communal well about 20 mins from his home. He brought two bucketsful of pure spring water to his kitchen and used this for personal consumption.

    • The water out of the tap here is undrinkable with the fucking chemicals they put in it.  Some times when you run the tap the whole kitchen stinks.  The only time I ever drink tapwater here it's a mouthful at the most.  It's disgusting stuff.

  4. I did say yesterday but the main plan is to privatizes the water and to 'get it ready' all the infrastructure meters ect will be paid for by the taxpayer. In the UK I have a friends in Dorset their water company is a Singapore based company. Singapore as a country does not have its own water supply but buy in from neighboring Malaysia but here they are running a UK water company. When its privatized in Ireland the price will shoot up as their only interested will be shareholders.  


    • Indeed you did, and I agree.  Once they get their foot in the door with any tax it just keeps rising.  I suppose the answer is to bore a well and buy shares in the water company?

  5. I add my caveat to Captain Peacocke:-  be very very afraid of the privatisation of water supply. Our grandchildren will be the victims of privatised air.

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