It’s not a joke.

Days after a budget that fleeced the elderly, the disabled and just about anyone struggling to survive, our gubmint gives itself a wee Christmas present.

Free iPads for all TDs.

Except that of course we are paying for them.

Assuming they will get the top range models [because they think they’re worth it] –


How many hours of respite care would that pay for?

How many struggling families could at least be given a decent meal?



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iCunts — 15 Comments

    • Nah, our English cnuts are the biggest (well, apart from the EU cnuts of course, who are so big, they tell all of our collective cnuts what to do).

  1. Ah yes; good tidings of comfort and joy in Kildare Street this Xmas.

    First they're potentially better off with the new expenses regime (which has the potential make them better off than before) and now Santy's coming early for them with these pieces of shite.

    This really personifies the term "the silly season"

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