The Celtic Traitor

I see our Illustrious Leader has made the cover of Time.

He is being celebrated for “The Celtic Comeback”.

What comeback?

This gobshite has the neck to travel the world telling people that “the rest of Europe can learn from him”?

Sweet sufferin’ Jayzus!

The interviewer states that Kenny is “somebody who has a gulf between the way he’s perceived in his home country and the way he is perceived abroad”.  Well, she got that right.  And the reason?  Because he is a two faced shit.  He goes abroad and tells people how wonderfully we are coping with our five years of recession, whereas the truth is that we are still more or less in the same situation as we were years ago.  Nothing has improved.  The unemployment is much the same.  Most of our graduates are emigrating.  We are being taxed at every turn with yet more taxes coming down the line.  Businesses are still closing at a rate of knots.  Where is the fucking “comeback” I would ask?

That little hypocrite came to power on a raft of promises, and so far he has managed to renege on just about every one of them.    He was supposed to put the people first, and instead has put Brussels first.  We are still pouring billions into the European banks.  And where do we get those billions?  From the European banks, of course and at a nice little rate of interest too.

Kenny has only one interest at heart and that is to lick Euro-arses at every turn.  He takes his orders from them and we suffer the consequences.  It’s no fucking wonder that Brussels loves him, just as every bully loves the little weasel who meekly hands over his pocket money every week.

Celtic Comeback my hole!



The Celtic Traitor — 34 Comments

  1. We’ve got the same problem with the tossers in power here, Swanning around Athens in their Mercedes limos telling everybody how they’ve got to pay yet more tax; cutting pensions and generally creating a situation whereby businesses are going tits-up at a frightening rate and every bright kid is getting on a plane out of here. Meanwhile, they’re crawling up Merkel’s arse so they can get bailout billions which they promptly hand back to Germany. All so they can stay on the gravy train.
    The sooner these wankers get strung up and someone with the balls to tell Merkel to get fucked gets in, the sooner Greece can think about re-introducing the Drachma, defaulting, devaluing, and starting the long and painful process of climbing out of the Eurohole they’ve dug themselves into. If they stay in the Eurozone, they will end up a vassal state of Germany, a southern Bavaria, owned and administered from the Fatherland.

    • Oh yes, sorry, forgot to say that the place is suddenly looking very spruce! Almost posh, even! I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I feel a bit like when I walk into a five star hotel, with all the flunkies flitting round. “Where’s the nearest two star hotel? Preferably with a couple of whores propping up the bar.”
      Seriously though GD, you are to be complimented. It’s looking good.

  2. Must have been a slow news month in chez TIME.  We might as well go the whole hog and put Phil Hogan with a white beard on the **ristmas Edition!

  3. Sorry GD, I seem to only point out typos (but I read your missives with great pleasure daily…).
    From the urban dictionary:

    30 up, 15 down


    Indonesian slang for someone who tells a joke so unfunny you can’t help laughing.
    Sergio thinks we’re laughing because he’s hilarious, not because he’s a jayus.

    • Heh! Bejeyus, I’ll have to remember that one next time I’m in Indonesia.
      Typos are great, aren’t they? They can provide subject matter for a whole new thread!

    • [*FUCK!!!*]

      Thanks, MikeUK.  Even I find it hard to believe that I can proofread a piece three or four time and still miss errors.

      I suppose it keeps Nisakiman happy anyway…..

  4. Der Keltic Komeoff. The Time cover highlights a double chin. It should have shown him talking through both sides of his mouth.

  5. I just wonder how much taxpayers money was used to get the cunt on the cover.

    Bertie and the fat fuck Cowbag have been globetrotting to spread their word on how to run a country too. The fuckers were making a small fortune in third world countries telling them at conferences how they should do it.
    FFS is there no rational normal common sense left anymore.
    The Monkeys are running The Zoo.

    • There is no sense in any of it.  By right those fuckers should be rotting in prison for destroying the country, yet here they are still coining it in on top of fat fucking pensions we are still paying them.

  6. Oh I must get myself to the shops and get it for the skit factor.   Want me to pick you up a copy GD? He does look rather fetching doesn't he?

    Why is it, when I see that hair quiff style he has, I just get this urge to toss it all up?   I think if I ever meet him, I'll ask him can I.. has to be done.   I'll tell him I'll vote for him if he lets me.. and run off saying so-long sucker.

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