Our gubmint is getting ready to bleed us drier than the Sahara, again.

They reckon that they are entitled to 0.25% of any property we own.  Or rather, Brussels reckon that they are entitled.

Having decided to charge us for water and sewage, they are now after our bricks and mortar [on in my case, granite rocks].

They can go fuck themselves yet again.

There is one interesting point though that they may have overlooked.  They are basing their tax on the value of a property, but what is its value?  I would maintain that my house has no value whatsoever.

My argument is that the value of something lies in its monetary equivalent.  This is determined not only by the vendor who should feel satisfied that he has been recompensed for the transaction but also by the purchaser who should feel he has gotten value for his money.  Therefore, for value to be determined, one needs both a vendor and a purchaser and a willingness to transact.  If any of these is missing then the value of the item [my house] is is irrelevant or even non-existent.

So they can have their 0.25% of my nothing.  And if they aren’t happy with that I will gladly deliver a lorry load of granite to the tax office to the quantity of 0.25% of the volume of the walls of my house, though I shall require reimbursement for the cost of quarrying and transportation.

And Lucinda Creighton reckons we should all pay this tax!  No exemptions for pensioners or people on welfare?

I am getting very tired of Creighton and her constant licking up to Brussels.  She has a fat salary, fatter expenses and can look forward to an even fatter pension.  If she reckons a pensioner can afford a property tax, then I suggest she try living on an ordinary pension.

Herself doesn’t like me using the C-word.  So I won’t.

Frankly a C-word has a purpose in life where Creighton’s sole function is to waste oxygen.  She is a leech with the intellect of a slug.  The sooner she is put out to pasture [or landfill] the better.

Roll on the revolution.

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My 0.25% worth — 12 Comments

  1. Wait till Hogan puts his own brand of charm on the ‘new’ property tax! I will suggest that they get rid of at least 25% of local councils, councillors and their salaries, expenses and lavish offices. That should bring in as much as taking 0.25% of house values.

  2. Not Green – Spot on.  Why should I have to cut back just so they can live the life of luxury?  Enough is enough.  Anyway we know Hogan will make a bags of it. 

    Not Green – On.

  3. Basing it  on property valuation is going to screw the Dublin Residents even more then yourself.

    Also people who paid outrageous stamp duty during the tiger years will be hit again. Will there be allowances made for people in negative equity? I doubt it.

    we’re truly f^cked

    Lastly, I’m not sure how US property taxes operate but my understanding is that you pay up or the government take possession of the property and sell it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pensioner or a millionaire. Pay up or move out. No mercy

  4. Desiegee – There are many old folk who have lived in the flashier parts of Dublin for generations.  They are there by inheritance, not choice.  Are they all supposed to move now to cheaper housing?  The system has to take income into account.  And by my understanding, the gubmint are going to run this like PAYE – it will be deducted at source from wages, which will be a fucking nightmare for employers.

  5. As I write this in the background a travel program about Ireland I hear the chap say “this is the Post Office where Ireland got its independence”…….Well its nor very independent now is it?
     Iv been watching what going on in Ireland for several years but I gave up when the people voted ‘YES’ after all that happened they still listened to these gobshite politicians. Of course you are correct what right have these criminals to say they want  % of the value of your house they done nothing to help you buy it now they say you owe us. FOR WHAT so they can pay odd the debts of Russian oligarchs so they dont have to give up their yachts and Goldman Sucks can keep giving Peter Sutherland his bonus. Look at the last few days Marian Finucane RTE getting €570k that’s more then the  The President of the United States. Some University head jobsworth saying he cant manage on €232k a year. Councillors getting payoff of €34k when they become TDs. FF councilor still getting paid after moving to Australia. Cowen swanning around the golf course after trousering a pension of €150k a year. Wallace getting extra perks of €41k no questions asked. Some gobshite at the ESB on I suppose €300k a year telling ye the electric is going to cost more. These people are not been affected its the old, the poor, the unemployed and the sick who are going to get hammered.                                                      Where is Kenny is he still at that Jelly Bean factory what a tosser.

  6. I think 50% of people who are eligible for the household charge still haven’t registered GD. I think the registering of your details in relation to that charge is how any property tax will be implemented,  as there’s no central database of residential homeowners. 
    People need to stick together. They’re not gonna sue everyone.

    All that said.. the important question is, do ya fancy your one Linda Creighton or wha?
    Nevermind that she’s a muppet.

  7. Peacock – I rhink most people here don’t even seem to realise that we lost our independence some time ago.  Lisbon just sealed the deal.  Now Brussels sings the tune and we dance.  The property tax, water charges and all the rest are straight from Europe – we have been told off, like naughty boys and now we must pay.  It is sickening.

    Anne – “do ya fancy your one Linda Creighton or wha?”  Jayzus but you have to be having me on?  Fancy her?  I would rather shag a badger that had been run over by a lorry. 

  8. http://bit.ly/cxlZ4P – sort of cuddly still 🙂

    Back to topic – since when did the ‘household charge’ become the ‘property tax’, and does this mean that Hogan’s brainwave has now been flushed down the loo. Not much point paying e100 for a dead duck is there!

    and Creighton, Anne? GD can’t have her, she’s already taken – http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/images/2012/0602/1224317133994_1.jpg?ts=1347074901



  9. Damnit Mick!  Now you have me all roused.  The “household charge” was basically just a ruse to get people to sign up so they could be hit later with the property tax.  And I have no designs whatsoever of the Creighton bitch.  I would nearly go so far as to say I would rather kip with Jedward.  Mind you – I did say “nearly”.

  10. I was sorry to read about this in your paper awhile back. It seems Ireland and most of Europe, or at least the EU are following right along in the footsteps of the US.
    They see the billionaires who own our government getting away with all sorts of crap, making the poor, disabled and seniors pay for everything while they sit in their mansions trying to find the next thing to sock us with.
    I don’t own a home, never have as they have always been way beyond my budget but they are constantly raise the rates here in my city and elsewhere to pay for the greed and waste of those running things.
    I  only hope we can stop them before this country falls off the cliff and you folks follow right along with us. Unfortunately I don’t hold much hope for that happening. Maybe it needs to happen so we can take back our countries and start over.

  11. Joysness – I honestly think that even if this country did fall off a cliff, most Irish would just sign and carry on worrying about their new iPhone 5 or whatever the latest toy is.  We are being flayed to the bone here with no sign of any respite.  Already they are forecasting gloom for next December’s budget!

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