I was browsing around this evening when I came across a sad post in Max Farquar’s site.

Captain Haddock was a regular contributor to this site over the last few years with his welcome comments running into the hundreds.

Naturally I never met him and know nothing of him apart from his ready humour and quick wit, yet I still feel that a friend has passed.

I shall drink to your memory, Cap’n.

You’ll be missed.

Rest in Peace.

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The passing of a friend — 6 Comments

  1. Aw! Fukkit! Another good one bites the dust! 
    The Auld Cap’n will be sadly missed on the interweb. I used enjoy his take on things, sometimes here, on Holemaster and Twenty Major.

    It sometimes makes you feel like your world is narrowing towards the plughole.


  2. Did Captain Haddock have a blog himself, do you know GD? 
    Or did he just contribute on others’ blogs?
    Just curious.

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