This world really has gone to the fucking dogs.

I was browsing the paper this morning when I came across and article where police are investigating a “tweet”.

There are so many things wrong with this that I really don’t know where to start.

Apparently someone referred to a footballer on Twitter as “choc ice”.  There must be more to it than that, you say?  There isn’t.  That’s it.  Someone tweeted “choc ice” and the police are investigating!

It seems that the “tweet” was about a footballer, Ashley Cole.  Now I haven’t a fucking clue who this Ashley Cole is and as far as I am concerned he and all his fellow prima donna professional footballers are nothing more than a waste of oxygen, and I don’t give a shite what race colour or creed they are.  However this Cole bloke didn’t even complain about the “tweet”.  That was left up to “members of the public”.

So here we have people complaining to the police about a silly message that didn’t even refer to them?  And the fucking police are investigating?  Jayzus but yiz must have a fierce low crime rate in the UK if the police have time for that kind of shite?

The police say “We have received complaints from members of the public regarding alleged racist comments made on a social networking site.  These concerns will be fully investigated to establish whether any criminal offences have been committed.”

So the police are not investigating a crime.  They are investigating to see if there is a crime.

Will someone please tell me….

Has the whole world gone mad?

Or is just me?

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Choc ice? — 13 Comments

  1. Yes the world has gone mad by the UK is the maddest place of all only there could you go into hospital for a leg operation and die of thirst. The UK police have over the years become a joke mainly because on PC rules on recruitments.               But UK madness is coming your way I noticed on the Independent ie  an item ‘2000 jobs created by Element Power’ these  are the same jobs announced about 3 weeks ago. This is an old UK Labour Party trick to up your jobs numbers announce the same jobs over and over again.

  2. It’s when I read this kind of thing, I feel the need for counseling. We all need the help and encouragement of the caring professions Grandad, as you are prone to saying from time to time. A choc ice, I ask you ? Is there any depth of depravity that people will not sink to ?

    What kind of fucking gollywog  would use an expression like that ?

  3. Jim C – Come on now!  People being hounded by the police for off the cuff comments?  First Yer Man who was charged “for threatening to blow up an airport” and now this?  The thought police are here apparently.

    tt – We’re all right.  No one ever reads this.  Thank God!

    Peacock – That’s why I stuff from the UK or US.  Whatever happens there invariably crops up here in the near future.  And as for those fucking jobs – more fucking wind farms when the rest of the world is begining to realise they are just an incredible waste of money.

    Brianf – Could someone please stop the world?  I want to get of……

    John – Hah!  When I was an infant, I had a golliwog.  And before anyone suggests I still have him, he ended up on the bonfire after I puked all over him when I was around five.  It was a particularly nasty bug.

  4. Jim C does have a point . Think Auto de Fe, holocaust, two world wars, crusades, burning thousands as witches, religion. The list is endless.

  5. I suppose so.  It’s just that the one above is so incredibly petty that it is really hard to take seriously.

  6. Stan  True.  Provided you don’t Tweet about it.

    Mossy – I read that.  Another classic example of a Jobsworth somewhere pulling the plug.  They were playing encores, for fuck’s sake.  In my book, an encore means the show is all but over. 

  7. Oh for FUCK’S SAKE!!!!  That is so far beyond insane! 

    However there is one little ray of hope on the horizon… As one police officer said – “I’d like to see a security guard try to tell a police officer to empty his lunch into clear bags. They’d have to be very brave because the answer he’d get would be very short indeed.”  Bonus points to that man.

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