One of the best things about living in the countryside is the peace and quiet broken only by birdsong.

As I scribble this I can hear some blackbirds, a pigeon or two, a robin, one or two sparrows and a few chaffinches.

However, there is a bird out there that is singing his [or her?] little heart out and I haven’t a clue what it is.

If I had a description, I could look it up on the Interweb.  If I had a picture, I could also look it up on the Interweb.  But all I have is a sound, and I can’t look that up.

This morning, I stuck a microphone out the window to see it I could capture a bit of the song.  It is a very cheap microphone and is designed to be shouted at, at a range of a few inches, so capturing background sound is tricky.  The result is mainly just a load of hiss with a hint of song in it.

I played around with the sound I had captured and applied a drop of electronic wizardry.  The result is quite different from the original sound.  I managed to remove a quare amount of the background clutter and to isolate the bird in question.  It’s a little distorted, but still a bit clearer.

It’s a beautiful song – high pitched, bubbly and very melodic.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Bird Watching — 10 Comments

  1. Good grief, heard that this morning, the buggers woke me up bout 5, u importing them Grandad?

    As for you Inis, wash your mouth out boy…..

  2. Slab – Jayzus but I swear I saw one of them yokes lapping at the side of the lake yesterday!

    InisEanna – Now that’s what I call a fine pair of tits!

    Jan M – I wouldn’t mind importing them.  They sound a lot better than the fucking rooks up in the woods.

    Fair play to Tim.  They are definitely Blackcaps African or Caribbean but not Caucasian Caps.

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