I have a couple of questions about this damned treaty we have to vote on.

Question One.

This treaty is supposed to provide stability to, and confidence in the Euro as a currency.  The contents of the treaty are there for all to see, and the world knows it is going to be ratified, so why aren’t the markets impressed?  Seems to me as if they are as twitchy as ever, especially if you are a Spaniard.

Question Two.

The Euro as a single currency cannot work.  That has already been proved.  You cannot apply one currency to so many different types of economies.  How is signing a piece of paper going to solve that?

Question Three.

The proposed financial formulas in the Fiscal Treaty are more or less identical to the formulas in the Maastricht Treaty [or whichever fucking treaty governed the Euro – there are so many of ‘em] and that didn’t work so why will this one be any different?

Question Four

Now that Dame Ends has lost his Bestest Fwiend Sarkozy, who is he going to play with in Brussels?

So many questions.

So few answers.

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Answers on a postcard please — 8 Comments

  1. Yes you are correct about the Euro not working but their plan is to have one big super state. The thing is if FG FF and Liebour want a yes vote they ye must vote NO. Im reading now that that big fat Greek Venizelos whose party had the worst showing for 40 years coming 3rd may still be forming the new government. EU democracy at its best fu** the voters we decide who rules. 

  2. What a beautiful day it is out there. Not a cloud in the sky but there’s something in my eye.
    Today’s trivia question: What writer once tried to drown him or herself at Llanddulas beach?

  3. Peacock – Actually I can’t see it working even as a super-state.  Or if it does, we Irish are going to be on the hind tit.  Why the fuck can’t they just leave us alone?

    tt – Postcard dispatched.  EW

  4. To quote the wise words of Sam Halpern:
    “No. Politicians don’t wanna scare you, they wanna keep you stupid. Fear is just the smell when ignorance takes a shit.”

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