If you were up at the crack of dawn [and that is not Dawn!] at around half ten or eleven, you might have discovered that this site was off line. 

If you were up at that time and didn’t try to access this site, then why not?

Leastwise, the Nerd was here doing some work on the site.  He was worried about security or something so he took it asunder and rebuilt it.

Then he started fucking around under the bonnet to try to speed things up a bit more.  He had bits of code all over the kitchen table and half a database lying on the floor.

He’s gone now, but knowing him he has left the place in a mess.  I have tried testing this site but I am bound to have missed something that doesn’t work.

So if you can’t see the site at all, then there is no point in my giving you instructions as you can’t fucking read them.  I’m not that daft.

If you can’t comment then bang me an email.

If you notice something else not working then you can either bang me off another email or fix it yourself.

If you have a headache then that has nothing to do with this site.  It just means you can’t hold your Friday night booze any more.

If you hear a loud screeching noise, it is probably your missus.  Get a divorce.

If you do manage to read this and everything seems to be just fine, then you have witnessed a miracle.

Is it not strange that a couple of thousand years ago, miracles were an every day occurrence, but now they are as rare as an honest politician?

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Miracles do happen — 11 Comments

  1. A tad quicker from page to page but other than that I reckon you must have dreamt the Nerds shenanigans as it all seems the same.

  2. All fine ere me dear.
    One exception, to be as “rare as an honest politician” there has to be, in existence, somewhere, at least one honest politician – strike one.

  3. William – Delighted to hear that.  In fact there was a whole shed load of changes.  If they are not visible then they worked.  😉

    Patrick – “as rare as” implies that there are some but they are extremely hard to find.  I would imagine that is fairly accurate?

  4. That’s the problem with letting alter-egos dink around with your site. But I’ll agree that things seems bit more perky. Not to worry though, if I came looking for the site and it was gone I would have certainly left a comment to let you know.

  5. Kirk – It does seem to have had the weird side effect of sending everyone for a nap.  I wonder if it mentions that in the manual?

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