Googles Goggles

There is a video doing the rounds at the moment.

It is Google’s idea of the future.

A day in the life of a sad fuck


Now one or two of you may be aware of my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.  I can see they have their uses, but it’s the concept behind them that bugs me – that you are supposed to share every waking moment of your life with thousands of people who really don’t give a shit. What my pals are having for breakfast isn’t exactly earth-shattering news to me.  I don’t give a fuck where they are at any time of day.  I couldn’t give a gnat’s piss what their innermost thoughts are every five minutes of the day.

Google however are pushing this to a whole new level.

Not only do they want to bombard us with useless information every second of the day [If I look out the window, Google tells me whether it’s sunny or not?  What the fuck?] but allows be to bombard everyone else with my own bland useless information, in a constant stream of banality.

I am well aware that I do in fact send out my bland thoughts in this site, but I only do it around once a day and people are free to ignore it they wish.  I reckon out of the earth’s population of 7,000,000,000, roughly 6,999,999,990 do just that which is fine by me. At least I am not popping up on their spectacles just when they might be looking at something far more interesting?

Of course your modern X-Factor, iPod loving modern yoof is only wetting himself [or herself] with the prospect of this invention.

With a bit of luck it will nicely cull that corner of the species?

The reality
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