One thing that pisses me off is when I have a load of ideas to write about [about which to write?] and than when I fire up the old laptop the head goes as blank as the screen in front of me.

At times like this I might have a poke around the old feed reader, or whatever you call it to see if anyone else has something to say. 

If they don’t, there is always my own links page to see what everyone else is saying.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed but if you go into the links page and wait a while, most of the links will tell you when and what they have written.  Unfortunately the ‘when’ bit mainly shows figures in the hundreds of days, but I suppose that’s a good way of catching up on the news of a year or so ago?

There are days, such as today, when no one seems to be doing much. 

The EU is being suspiciously quiet, which generally means they up to even less good than usual, if that’s possible.

Our gubmint are on holidays.  Nothing new there.

The neighbours are being very quiet too.  [I think they may all have moved away?]

Talk down the pub is fairly nondescript too – mainly laughing at the Brits getting snowed under while we continue to have reasonably springy weather, or taking bets on who Mary the Hairdresser’s impending baby’s father is.  [I disavow all knowledge, by the way].

It’s at times like this that I decide that it’s better to write nothing than to write some idle rubbish.

So instead, I think I’ll bang an old cassette into the side of the laptop and play a bit of my favourite music, and maybe have a doze.

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Working on it — 13 Comments

  1. Cat – Two things about that track… One is that it doesn’t have an air to it [when you think about it] and the other is that you really need to hear it through decent speakers or a set of headphones.  It’s a cheerful little number all right.

  2. I always find a bit of Brendan Behan good as a filler. I had writer’s block when writing a speech a few moons ago and eventually started with his famouis quote “I am a drinker with a writing problem.” 

    The rest flowed!

  3. The man’s a genius on the guitar.  Dire Straits – best played at full volume on a good sound system in the car – when you’re on your own.  Must be a symptom of the middle aged rocker …

  4. tt – A combination of Knopfler and Taylor just has to be good!  I have been a fan of Taylor’s since the 70s.

    Cardi – I couldn’t agree more about the car [and of course the guitar playing].  Unfortunately Sandy is a Queen fan so that’s all I’m allowed in the car.

    InisEanna – I don’t know what you have been up to but you ended in my spam area.  I have passed that link on to Herself to play with.  She is an avid Liveline listener.  I wonder if Joe Duffy is good enough grounds for divorce?

  5. I think it was because I tried to directly link the page with the SWF player. Lesson learnt – as Joe would say, “spank me I’m a bold boy”

  6. John – I do my best to provide a good service!  😉

    InisEanna – It was possibly the link that did the dirty, though others have posted links [such as A Grandad’s one]  I don’t think I will ever understand the logic of some computers….  As for bold boy spanking, I will leave that to Miss Whiplash.

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