For the life of me, I cannot understand peoples’ fascination with cities.

Cities are noisy, dirty, smelly places.  They are hard on the senses and on the feet.  They are full of unnecessary noise, traffic and worst of all, people.

The bigger the city, the worse it is.  People sing the praises of London and New York, and state that it is their life’s ambition to go there.  My idea of hell would be to spend eternity in New York.

I love the tranquillity of the mountains.  They are ever changing and easy on the eye and the foot.  The only sounds are the call of the skylark and the distant bark of a deer.  A day in the mountains relaxes the mind and the senses and fills the lungs with fresh air.

Of course, I do occasionally have to make some purchases, and that requires a trip to the shops.

I was down in the village yesterday.  I called in to the greengrocer and had to tie Sandy outside.  This caused a bit of consternation as a little girl couldn’t leave the shop as there was a huge fierce dog outside.  I had to reassure her that Sandy is a big pussy, unless of course she hears a non-Irish accent.

After that, I had to call into the butcher’s.  They don’t have anywhere to tie a dog outside, so the butcher held Sandy outside while I rummaged the shelves.  We then did our transaction on the doorstep and had a bit of a chat.

It was a lovely day so I called in for a coffee.  They know Sandy well there and she is always welcome.  I have my particular taste in coffee, which they also know.  It is known in the shop as a ‘Grandad’, of course.

As I sat there in the sunshine, supping my coffee and puffing on the pipe, people passed by on the pavement.  Some just greeted me, and some stopped for a chat.  It was very pleasant.

There was some traffic , of course.  The odd car or tractor trundled past but there were no sirens or car horns.  It was a tranquil village going about its daily business.

I tried to imagine myself sitting at a pavement café in London or New York.

I banished the thought immediately.

It was much too unpleasant.

You can keep your cities, thanks.

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Hell and Heaven — 14 Comments

  1. I can’t agree with you more. Cities are just big, ugly, noisey, over populated slabs of concrete that make my feet hurt walking around all day and makes my brain hurt just being there.
    Give me a trail out in the woods and I’ll be happy.
    .-= >> Brianf´s latest brainfart .. Independence Day 233 years later =-.

  2. I love cities. I am definitely a “townie.” Cities have history. Local history. Lots of it. Fascinating buildings with a story to tell. The countryside has grass and cow turds.

  3. Brianf – Not only is it the 4th, but you are actually agreeing with me for once! Indeed, a day for celebrations?

    TT – Be fair..which whould you rather sit on? A concrete pavement or grass? And there’s nowt wrong with a good dollop of cow shit.

    And a happy 4th to all of my American fans also. [I’m on my way, TT]

  4. When i saw the driver of a new merc stopping to have a friendly chat with the street sweeper I knew i’d moved to the right place.

    In London the only thing to come out of the car window would have been litter!
    .-= >> Mick´s latest brainfart .. 4th of July =-.

  5. Welcome, Mick! Our street cleaner tends to just sit among the flower beds enjoying a cigarette. I know what you mean though – ours is a friendly place apart from the SUV drivers. They have mostly ended in the backruptcy courts though so there are very few left. Heh!

  6. Hi Richard,

    Good to be here, just found you today and enjoying the read.
    BTW grandad here at 44, so not too sure about this ‘auld fella’ mallarkey!

    .-= >> Mick´s latest brainfart .. 4th of July =-.

  7. DBM – I always believe in hraven when I’m sitting in it.

    Mick – You’re confusing me with that Other Fella. A lot of people make that mistake for some reason. A grandad at 44? Holy shit! You don’t believe in wasting time in your family??

  8. I’m wondering about your coffee.

    Let me have a guess…

    A double espresso mocha chip frappuccino with extra sprinkles and non-dairy whipped cream?

    .-= >> Radge´s latest brainfart .. Ollie’s 30th =-.

  9. A double espresso mocha chip frappuccino with extra sprinkles and non-dairy whipped cream?


    Fuck off.

    If I wanted any of that shite I’d have to have a sex change and become a Yuppy.

    I have a unique requirement when it comes to coffee – I like mine plain and ordinary. Just black coffee. None of that ‘mocha’, ‘frappochino’, ‘latte’ piss.

  10. The very, very same as myself. Black, unsullied by milk and sugar. Strong.

    The only thing is I can’t drink any of that instant shite. I do feel like a bit of a ponce insisting on ground coffee, though.
    .-= >> Radge´s latest brainfart .. Ollie’s 30th =-.

  11. The local shop makes it very strong. Two mugs would give me the jitters, so another aspect of the ‘Grandad’ is that it’s not quite so strong.

  12. I was in Dublin yesterday. Overpopulated.

    I spent over an hour walking around trying to get the wife to decide where she wanted to eat. She was insisting on pasta. I was insisting on beer. We eventually finally settled on Gotham, just off Grafton St, where we could get both (we could get both at the first place I pointed out as well, but it apparently wasn’t good enough for her).

    Something about cities makes people very fussy. Maybe it’s the amount of choice. Where I live, if you want pasta and beer, you go to the Squealing Pig. no other realistic choices, so that’s an hour’s walk avoided.

    I know what you mean with the coffee. Black with no sugar/milk for me too – I suppose because when I drink coffee, it’s coffee I want to drink, not milky sugar, and I’m /not/ interested in embellishing it with fancy crap like chocolate sprinkles or cream.
    .-= >> Kae Verens´s latest brainfart .. PHP & jQuery: Calendars =-.

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