I came across a little snippet of news yesterday.

Some bloke boldly walked into our National Portrait Gallery and hung one of his own paintings.

Apparently this was a well planned operation, as the framing was consistent with the gallery’s style, and he had pre-prepared caption which matched the others in the gallery precisely.


Brian Cowen, Politician, 1960-2008. This portrait, acquired uncommissioned by the National Gallery, celebrates one of the finest politicians produced by Ireland since the foundation of the state.

Following a spell at the helm of the Department of Finance during a period of unprecedented prosperity, Brian Cowen inherited the office [of] Taoiseach in 2008.

Balancing a public image that ranges from fantastically intelligent analytical thinker to big ignorant fucker from Offaly, the Taoiseach proves to be a challenging subject to represent.

Of course, the bastards removed it and are now hunting the perpetrator.  I’m not quite sure why, as he has committed no crime.  Or is there a law against donating a painting to a gallery?

It later emerged that the same artist had struck in the RHA Gallery.


Whoever that bloke is, he’s a fucking genius.

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Cowan leads Ireland down the toilet — 31 Comments

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  6. I love it, not so impressed with the apology from RTE on the news. Do we live in a police state?
    Can we not report the news as it is?

  7. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that RTE had apologised. Why the hell should they apologise for factually reporting a news item?

  8. There is another offensive caricature of Cowen HERE and it doesn’t look like he’s going to apologise for it.

    Obviously a job for the Art Police.

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  10. Why did the police call to his house to confiscate the other paintings?? Thats a sure sign that democracy and freedom of expression do not fully exist in Ireland. Vote cowan and fianna fail out, and vote no to lisbon!

  11. Cowan and police not happy? Only one thing to do; more of the same on a greater scale, mass “guerilla artist” action.

  12. Fair Play to this guy! I hope he thinks Bigger next time… Plan long, hard, gather a posse and Paint Big! Then Hit Billboards in every major town across the country overnight! How Awesome would that be huh? Muwhahahaha! XD

  13. Great job, his lips look smaller in portrait than on him, you did them justice, you did his whole body justice too.
    you made him look hot

  14. the way coowen sees it, he think he own this country, just look what happened with rte and the police, pity he does not send the police after the people who broke the country, that include himself since he was our finance minister who allowed this to happen,

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