I survived.

It was touch and go at one stage, but at my age, the act of survival is a victory in itself.

It was a quiet Christmas.

Only five empty whiskey bottles, one empty Guinness keg and a partridge in a pear tree.

Dinner was lovely.  I never knew reindeer was so nice.  I don’t know which one it was.  Rudolf?  Dancer? Vixen?  Who cares.

Santa is currently on a gurney down in the local hospital.  Doubtless he’ll be there until Easter at least, knowing our health system.  He should consider himself lucky to have survived the missile attack with only two broken legs, a ruptured spleen and 90% burns.

Only 364 days until Christmas.

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364 days — 6 Comments

  1. Glad you survived the holiday alright. By what that “Other Fellow” was saying I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

    I understand that they shipped Santa to “Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center” in New Hampshire for advanced treatment. I’ll have to run down and see how he’s doing. I won’t mention your name though, friendships do have to take precedence you know.

  2. Kirk M – Of course I survived. I’m tough and have loads of practices with previous Christmases. If you see Santa, will you slip him some strychnine from me?

  3. This is the 2nd Christmas I have managed to get through without one single note of any Boney M shite songs being blasted through PA systems. I’m feelin’ lucky! Maybe the world is sorting itself out after all?
    All the very best for 2009 Grandad 🙂

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