I think our Minnie was out on the piss on Sunday night.

She was very quiet yesterday for a change.

Last night, she sat on the back of the couch, staring at Sandy who was just lying there minding her own business.

She thought for quite a long time, and I could see she was hatching some kind of plan in her pea-brain.

Next thing, she pounced.



I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to rely on my phone.  The pictures are not good.

She arrived at Sandy’s level, and happily sat down to eat Sandy’s tail.


Sandy has a fine tail that ends in a snow white fan of fine hairs.  Soon Minnie had a mouthful of them, and she chewed away quite happily.

Luckily Sandy didn’t seem to be too bothered.

Is this a good example of “the hair of the dog”?

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A hair of the dog — 9 Comments

  1. That almost had me spill my coffee all over my computer this morning! What a laugh!
    I can’t believe that your dog is so tolerant of the hungover Minnie….. 🙂

  2. Sandy is a very strange dog. She can rip the leg off a tourist without flinching and is a brilliant guard dog. Yet when it comes to small animals, injured birds and babies, she is like Florence Nightingale, and is seriously gentle. She tends to keep Minnie in line by washing her. Minnie ends up wringing wet, covered in slobber and all her hair standing on end. She looks like a hedgehog then.

  3. Those pics are not too bad, considering the lightning speed with which the animals were moving at the time, coupled with how drunk you were and figuring in the rotation of the earth and various other data, including the political unrest in Belfast.

    So Minnie went out and got a bit of tail like a drunken sailor on leave, eh?

    Did she make it back to the berth okay?

  4. Grandad was involved in political unrest in Belfast?

    I knew I had seen his picture before

    (Minnie is fattening up nicely for the Recession Christmas dinner)

  5. RhodesTer – So you have taken photographs like those too? She got back to her berth all righ, but I’m hoping she doesn’t make it to the birth. You know what these young ones are like these days?

    Ian – Only in the capacity of my alter ego, Gerry Adams. I deny everything of course. I reckon we may get two meals out of Minnie, but a lot depends on how many guests we have.

  6. Sandy – you are beautiful and as for Minnie – well you’re just a Guinea Pig with an amazing amount of courage!

    Hendrix gets a little tired of his cage being tipped up by the resident dog or cat!

    I would never dare let them all run loose together – well done Grandad!

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