So what kind of holiday did I have?

A quiet one.

It was a very nice hotel. For some strange reason it was full of people from Norn Iron [for you foreigners, that’s Northern Ireland, but that’s the way they pronounce it and who am I to argue?]. Maybe they were all trying to escape their new smoking ban? We were all of a respectable age. There were a few children in their thirties, but they behaved themselves.

On the first night, when the locals had been thrown out, about thirty of us got a little merry and started on about the Good Old Days. Someone put some Beatles on the CD player and someone else brought out a huge stash of Mary Jane and soon the entire pub was awash with nostalgia and the smell of pot.

Do you honestly think that we older folk spend our time moaning about arthritis and pretending we can’t hear anything? That’s just an act to get you younger folk to run around and fetch and carry for us. We know how to enjoy ourselves once you are in bed.

I think it was Megan from Belfast who was the first to get carried away, in the middle of Strawberry Fields. Off came the clothes and the next thing we were celebrating the Sixties in style. Anyone who wasn’t p*ss*d was high. And anyone who wasn’t high was p*ss*d. and a few of us were both.

The following morning was a bit confusing, as quite a few woke up in strange bedrooms and had trouble finding the breakfast room. No one minded because we all put it down to failing memory [hah!].

As the young people were around again, we had to revert to the walking sticks, and the limps and the hard-of-hearing act, but we didn’t mind. We had the evening to look forward to again.

You young people haven’t a clue how to enjoy yourselves.

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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be — 11 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    Was it a bit like “Night at The Museum” where when everyone goes home the dinosaurs and peradactyls come out to play?

  2. Spot on, Nancy. There was a fair bit of dust and a few cobwebs on the floor after!

    Now why didn’t I think of that, Popeye? I could have made a fortune. For some reason, perverts love my site, judging by the number of visitors who come looking for “senior porn”

  3. Grandad,

    Just who would want to see Senior Porn?
    I have always thought that the greatest deterrent to senior promisquity was NUDITY.

  4. 40% of the people who found this site today on Google were looking for “senior porn”.

    12% were looking for “grandad porn”

    9 out of the top 13 searches were for porn in one shape or form.

    There are some very sick weird people out there!!!!

  5. #2 worldwide isn’t bad. It’s nice to have achieved something in life.

    Maybe I should write another couple of articles about the sad b*st*rds out there, and get to #1?

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