/root>telnet root.norad.mil

Norad: Please enter username


Norad: Please enter password


Norad: Login successful

Norad: Welcome Mr President.

Norad: Please enter command

/root>retarget Group RED ICMBs to White House

Norad: Retargeting successful

/root>retarget Group AMBER ICMBs to Camp David

Norad: Retargeting successful

/root>retarget remaining ICMBs to Cheyenne Mountain

Norad: Retargeting successful

/root>launch all

Norad: Please enter launch code


Norad: Launch code verified. All ICBMs launched

/root>telnet /q



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Telnet — 4 Comments

  1. ! root command for repositioning is as follows
    ! destination, final, reposition, execute
    ! again
    ! destination, final, reposition, execute
    /root> destination, final, reposition, execute, destination, Dublin Wicklow Cork, Belfast
    NORAD response > Sucessful
    /root> execute
    NORAD response > Sucessful Have a nice day

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