Three thing happened yesterday.

The first is that our blackbird fledgeling has left the nest. There was a short flurry and it climbed onto the garage roof. I tried to get to my camera, but as usual, I was too late. Those blackbirds are damn fast. It’s back now, and perched outside the nest, looking rather dishevelled.

I tried to get a photograph but the bugger keeps hiding behind branches, so I can’t get a clear shot.

He keeps hiding behind branches

but you can just see his beak

The second is that I discovered that Offspring [K8] is a better poet than I thought. I don’t know where she got it from. It must be her Ma’s side of the family. She’s not bad at the photography either.

The third thing that happened is that I discovered Skype. I had known about Skype for a while. Ron even installed it for me, and set me up a long time ago. But I’d never had the nerve to use it.

Yesterday, I found an old set of headphones and a microphone, and the next thing I knew, I was chatting away to Brianf in Philadelphia. It was a strange experience, as it was clearer than a phonecall. Suddenly I had an American accent in both ears Brianf is of Irish descent but lives in America, so he has to have an American accent. It’s the law. I don’t mind.

I’m supposed to be phoning another bloke over there, but I have to wait until midday. They don’t get up until five hours after we do. They are a lazy shower of b*st*rds over there.

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Three things — 16 Comments

  1. Nice pictures. I’ve been watching all our visitors in our garden over the past few weeks as well as the new additions. If you head on over to my blog above you will see a visitor who decided to have a closer look inside the house!

  2. Thanks Robert, but they were taken in a great hurry as the damn bird kept disappearing. And the camera kept focussing on the wrong area.

    I must look out some of my older bird photos sometime.

  3. If you want to meet some weirdos on Skype, who doesn’t?, then set your status to Skype Me and kick back and relax. Within 5 minutes some guy called Jimmy from China will be blabbering away to you.

  4. Thank you Cormac, but I have enough weirdos to cope with at the moment, without inviting any.

    My Skype shall remain idle until one of The Inner Circle decides to call, or I decide to annoy someone at random.

  5. Baby Blackbirds? See my post entitled Squab Stew! yummmmm!!

    K8 is a very good poet.

    I’m not actually in Philly. I live about 100 miles west of it, just outside of Harrisburg.
    Accent!?!? Wait until you talk with Jefferson Davis if you think I have an accent.

  6. Sorry Brianf about the accent, but you must admit, you sound a little more American than Dario? Just a tad. And I have heard Jefferson!!

    We are having Blackbird Vindaloo tonight. 🙂

  7. Grandad,

    Beware of Skype, once people are aware that you can talk to them all day for less than the price of a cup of coffee in Belville, they will expect you to do so. You will have to start feigning technical problems – funny noises on the mike, low volume, trouble with the PC. Eventually you will have to start hiding your online presence, but they will say “I know you are there, you have been posting on your blog”. Ron may have given you a Pandora’s Jar of a gift.

  8. Vindaloo is yer only man. I have it at least once a week. The odd time I’ll ask for the hotter version.

    Guts of steel!!

  9. Grandad, those are some fabulous pictures. And, I concur with everyone about K8 being a fantastic poet. 🙂

    So, who do you think has the thickest accent, me or Brian? 🙂

    Do I sound like Bush? God, I hope not!

    P.S.: I sincerely apologise about this morning, but I was up very late writing. Once the mood hits me, it’s almost impossible to stop. I usually wake up, hunched over my desk, in a pool of my own drivel. 🙂

  10. Welcome, Jefferson.

    Not my best photos by a long shot!! I was rushing.

    American accents are like sheep – they’re all the same to me.


    Nobody sounds like Bush!!

    No problem about this morning. Plenty more days left! And I know what you mean about waking up in a pool, but there’s no need to be coy – we all know what the pool is! And there’s no need to be embarrassed.

  11. Vindaloo is yer only man. It is the origin of the expression “ring of fire”.

    Of course Dario has an accent – a Cavan accent [or as they say “Cyaavan”].

    Did you ever notice how only other people have accents?


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